FolkActive DancesDance is a proven and powerful way to improve wellbeing. Mix physical exercise, live folk music and friendly people together and you have the perfect recipe for having fun while making new friends and learning new moves!

We adapt for the less mobile and for people living with dementia, enabling participants to enjoy Moving in the Moment which is a mix of dance, seated activities and song, always with a cuppa!

FolkActive Dances with Live Music

FolkActive Dances with Live Music

Dances with live music for over 50s Come and meet new people, keep active and learn some simple folk dances to suit all levels of activity. All sessions have live music from members of Jigfoot  and Southampton Folk Orchestra, and a caller to g...

Moving in the Moment

Dementia friendly folk dance sessions with live music. Folk dance sessions with live music for people affected by dementia and their carers. Each session includes a mix of live music, folk dancing, seated exercise, group activities and singing. Entry ...