About Us

FolkActive CIC is a community interest company whose activities provide benefit to a wide range of people and communities especially in Hampshire and southern England.  We work with a wide variety of individuals and groups, including children and young people, older people, refugees, asylum seekers and new migrants, people in specific localities and people who simply share a common interest.

Our aim is to encourage and enable communities to come together in active enjoyment, ownership and development of traditional music, dance and folk arts.

We teach, share and promote the traditional music, dancing and folk arts of the south of England to a range of communities, groups and individuals through workshops, courses and social sessions.

Benefits to the community include:

  • greater social cohesion through connecting with others in active and creative social situations, resulting in a sense of belonging and a reduction in isolation
  • experiencing and interpreting local traditional folk culture as an expression of the lives and celebrations of previous generations
  • recognising a living and continuing tradition that is growing and changing to reflect contemporary influences from new and established communities
  • increased physical activity
  • improved mental and emotional well-being