Schools Workshops

Bringing local culture, history and traditions alive in active, creative and relevant ways.

Schools ask for a fascinating range of workshops based on the folk traditions of where we live, especially in our own area of southern Hampshire. We always use live music which adds depth to the experience and encourages creativity. Most popular are:

Way Haul Away

Sea shanties are at the heart of this session which can also include the informal dancing and music which were part of everyday life on board ship for sailors in the past.

Morris Dancing

Lively group dances based on traditional moves with scope for being creative: sticks add a great rhythmic dimension! Great for celebrating the turning of the year or marking a local event.

Country Dancing

Country dancing is enjoying a comeback and we’re delighted to help schools wishing to get involved with our approach to this high energy, inclusive dance form.


On a larger scale, ceilidhs are popular for whole school celebrations, and for bringing children from different schools to dance socially together. Young musicians can also be involved, playing at their own level alongside professional folk musicians. The complete experience!

Further Options

MaypoleOf course the year wouldn’t be complete without maypole dancing to celebrate the start of summer. It’s a colourful and fascinating experience: great for teamwork and adaptable across the primary age range.

Other workshops include local Hampshire stepping, or drumming with your feet. The original street dance! Adding to the foot percussion, workshops can also include playing spoons and jig dolls… Contact us and we can discuss workshops to suit your school’s situation.

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