Schools Workshops

FolkActive Schools workshops are:

  • Active!  Delivered with energy, skill and good humour, bringing local folk dance and music traditions to life in schools.
  • Relevant to Hampshire’s cultural heritage. Where possible tailor made for each school’s locality and individual requirements.
  • Creative. They enable children to understand and then to own traditionally based activities as their ideas are encouraged and included.

These are some examples of FolkActive workshops. Each involves live music, and aims to culminate in a short performance.

Contact us to discuss individual school needs and ideas and we will see what we can develop together.

Step in to Hampshire

Have fun helping to breathe new life into a lost local folk tradition! Step dancing used to be common all over Hampshire but it is very rarely seen nowadays. Starting with a folk tune and simple steps the session moves on to encourage individual creativity. It’s easy then to bring a short performance together to enjoy sharing the experience and to encourage others to get Hampshire stepping again.

Drumming With Your Feet: All Clogged Up!

Put on some clogs and follow in the footsteps of working class children from Victorian mills and factories! One of the aims of this workshop is to help connect the past with the present. After learning to dance some traditional Lancashire clog hornpipe steps we’ll be adding to this folk tradition by creating some completely new steps in clogs.

Morris Dancing: Shepherd’s Hey

With its distinctive and energetic clapping chorus, this dance is the ideal introduction to Morris dancing for young children. Shepherds Hey is great fun to dance, it develops many physical, musical and social skills and an added bonus from this workshop could be the emergence of a Morris display team for school events and celebrations!

Morris Dancing: Get Sticking

Groups of children create new Morris style dances using sticks which add a great rhythmic dimension to the choruses. The dances can be themed to mark an event, to develop a story, or to represent the turning of the year. A real favourite!

Broom Dancing

This workshop is lively, great fun and can have a competitive edge to it. Broom dances were once performed by individuals all over the country. We aim to teach some simple traditional steps and moves before adding a creative dimension and then finish with a challenge for the brave!

Folkus on Early Years

Singing games and musical activities for children in Early Years designed to lay the foundations for folk dancing in the future.

Old MacDonald Had a Barn Dance

A themed workshop for early years including singing, dancing and playing percussion instruments alongside a folk musician as a short class barn dance develops.

Mini Melodeons

These accessible instruments give children the experience of playing a traditional folk instrument and have an infectious and appealing sound. Sessions range from playing short phrases or chords to accompany a folk tune, to playing simple melodies. Melodeon playing can be included with other workshops enabling children to accompany dances and songs.

Way Haul Away

A nautical theme which can include shanties,  broom dancing, mini melodeons and step dancing: a bit of everything! Adaptable for children across the primary age range and into special schools.